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Leverage Trial Law Expertise with Specialized Jury Consulting Services

Exceptional trial expertise coupled with comprehensive jury consulting services can make all the difference to the direction your case takes. A team of highly educated and experienced law professionals can effectively implement a line of jury consulting strategies to help you create a powerful case!

Of course, every case comes with its own set of advantages, challenges and unknown twists and turns. Seasoned jury consultants use their experience, education and insight to create a package of customizable services aimed at your specific case or trial needs.

At Jury Research Institute, every jury consultant on our team holds a Ph.D. in the field of psychology and has extensive trial and case law experience. Our jury consultants have educational backgrounds ranging from social to clinical psychology, with field experience in the legal and trial arena.

Specialized Jury Consulting Services Can Deliver the Results you Need

So what exactly does an expert jury consulting service do for you? What can you expect?

  • From pre-trial, preparatory services to reflective, post-trial resources; jury consultants can package a slew of tools and resources to strengthen nearly every aspect of your case and trial!
  • Jury consultants analyze your case to develop a strategic action plan.
  • Before you enter the courtroom, your jury consultants will assist you with case building, witness preparation and mock trials. You should be able to test drive each potential scenario before you go to court.
  • A key element of trial being jury selection, your team of jury consultants can analyze and guide you through this process to help you make informed decisions.
  • Throughout trial, your jury consultants should be there to aid you in argument and witness preparation, along with the development and presentation of impactful visual aids.
  • Many attorneys and lawyers turn to post-trial jury consulting services to review and examine how their arguments shaped the case and to identify possible areas of misconduct on the other side.

Individualized Approach to Jury Consulting Services

At Jury Research Institute, our approach is individualized, authentic and based on our expert skills and experience. Let our jury consultants create a distinct strategy for your next case. Call us toll free at (800) 233-5879 today, or click here to use our easy online contact form.


Jury Research Institute—Understanding the Psychology of Jury Trials

Although you might think you’re fully prepared for trial, you still have one unknown factor—how the jury will read your argument and client’s case. It’s difficult to predict how the outcome of your trial will go without knowing each juror’s background, opinions and viewpoint. Instead of trying a case blind, many attorneys seek assistance from jury consultants who can provide insights on how to select prospective jurors and craft arguments to elicit a positive response.

Through the use of comprehensive surveys, focus groups and demographic research, attorneys can build a solid case.. Understanding the mindset of your jury can lead you to an optimal outcome for your case. One of the best ways to understand jurors’ line of thinking is to hire a jury consultant. Jury consultants are trained as specialists in communication and analyzing jury make-up.

The Right Questions are Key to a Win

Jury consultants help you determine which jury members would likely be most empathetic to your case. A jury consultant knows which pre-trial questions would be vital to obtain pertinent information and shape the optimum jury panel. Your consultant will assist you with developing a specific jury profile that will guide you during selection.

Asking affiliative and attitudinal questions allow you to gain insight into the juror’s cultural, political, educational and religious background. Additionally, understanding each prospective juror’s temperament will assist you with determining whether or not an individual is appropriate for your jury panel.

Jury Research Institute Selects a Winning Jury

The Jury Research Institute is the first choice for many legal teams because of our highly skilled and educated legal professionals who have considerable experience in trial preparation, analysis and jury selection.

Attorneys can choose from pre-trial preparation services such as mock trials and focus groups, up through jury selection. We even assist you with post-trial interviews and trial monitoring so you can assess and examine jury responses during and after trial.


High Stakes Trials Demand the Leading Jury Consultants

When the stakes are high, you need every advantage to be help you win. The best way to give your case the leading edge is to work with a jury consultant. Jury consultants study each argument in your case to help you generate a positive outcome.

A qualified jury consultant has a background in psychology and defense law. Attorneys apply the knowledge and information gleaned from the jury consultant to sharpen their case, prepare witnesses and create opening and closing arguments.

When losing the case isn’t an option, contact a leading jury consultant, such as Jury Research Institute, for a comprehensive case study.

How Can A Jury Consultant Prepare You For A High Stakes Case?

Jury consultants apply social science research in high stakes and high profile cases. A useful tool that jury consultants use to predict a trial’s outcome is a mock trial.

Conducting a mock trial with a consultant is very helpful in understanding the dynamics of a high stakes trial. Attorneys can virtually “test drive” their case during mock trial. Lawyers can use the consultant’s perspective and experience to re-shape and build their case by examining both sides.

Consultants also work closely with witnesses to help them deliver the most effective and convincing testimony on the stand. Consulting companies such as Jury Research Institute hold special witness preparation seminars to assist witnesses with building upon their strengths and gain comfort with a courtroom setting.

Jury Consultants Work for You During Trial!

A jury consultant’s work isn’t finished once the jury has been selected. Jury consultants use shadow juries to determine how well the jury understands the trial. Shadow juries are trial observers who supply Counsel with feedback about how well the jury is likely to be following the trial as it is unfolding. Attorneys receive ongoing updates and insights from the shadow jury to mold and craft strategies.

A Jury Consultant Helps You Improve Your Game

Even an experienced, well seasoned attorney can hone their craft using observations and experience from a leading jury consultant. Jury Research Institute offers valuable seminars to assist attorneys with improving witness preparation, jury selection, voir dire, opening statements, closing arguments and overall case evaluation.

Attorneys who work in the world of high stakes cases can leverage the education and knowledge that only a leading jury consultant can offer to improve their practice.

If you are interested in a leading jury consultant to assist you with your high stakes trial, call Jury Research Institute today. Contact us toll free at (800) 233-5879 or send us an e-mail at


Jury Consultants are Human Behavior Experts Giving You the Winning Edge

Jury consultants offer a myriad of scientific tools and services geared toward examining how human behavior can impact a trial. A skilled jury consultant holds a Ph.D. in psychology, coupled with experience in trial law and courtroom human behavior.

Many jury consultants also have experience and education in statistics and research methodology which contribute to creating scientifically backed reports. Jury consultants examine every player in the case to determine how each individual reacts and expresses himself based on facts.

How Can A Top Jury Consultant Help You?

In the courtroom, communication is the key. As a leader in develop¬ment of courtroom communication and persuasion techniques, a jury consultant can give you powerful insights and a distinct advantage. Jury consultants examine every aspect of communication and human behavior to develop case themes and plan effective presentation strategies.

Leading jury consultants at Jury Research Institute offer effective research methodologies and consulting services to help attorneys develop an optimal jury and craft persuasive arguments.

When it comes to selecting the right jury consultant, examining credentials and experience should be a priority. A top jury consultant has experience working on a variety of cases and trials, along with the academic background and degrees.

The Jury Consultant’s Menu of Human Behavior Resources

Jury consultants use a variety of methods when it comes to examining human behavior and communication. Jury strategies such as focus groups and mock trials provide insight into what matters most to jurors. Essentially, counsel can “test drive” the case during a mock trial to decide which arguments or strategies work best. Focus groups can help guide discovery and risk assessment data as needed.

When it’s time to select the jury, jury consultants can help with jury profiles and selection assistance. Jury profiles offer a clear, concise summary of experiences, attitudes and demographic characteristics of prospective jurors best suited for your case. At trial, a strong jury consultant is with the attorney to provide selection assistance and guidance.

Jury Consultants—When it Matters Most!

Victories aren’t always based on simple facts. Jurors tap into their experiences, attitudes and personal insights to interpret case facts. Understanding how jurors’ backgrounds and values influence the facts is imperative to delivering the best case possible.

Before you go to trial, contact a leading jury consultant to get your case off on the right foot. Contact the jury consultants at Jury Research Institute for an initial consultation. Our skilled and licensed Ph.D. consultants work closely with you to shape your case based not only on fact, but the influence of human behavior.

Contact us today at (800) 233-5879 or send us an email at


High Profile Jury Consulting Specialists—Jury Research Institute

Whether it’s your first high profile trial or your 100th, you need a well crafted strategy to give you a distinct advantage in the courtroom. High profile jury cases require minute attention to detail. 

One of the best ways to devise a solid strategy is to contact a jury consulting specialist. A jury consultant can provide you with the scientific insight and research tools necessary to assist you.

Trust Only the Best Jury Consulting Team!

Every case is important, regardless of its profile and status. What sets a high profile case apart is that in addition to the courtroom you may have to tear through media and community perception. Media coverage, negative or positive, is powerful and is known to directly influence viewer’s or reader’s perceptions. Attorneys find it challenging to garner a non-partial jury, regardless of how prospective jurors respond to attorney’s questions. 

When it comes to finding the leading jury consulting team, especially for high profile cases, contact Jury Research Institute.

The jury consulting team at Jury Research Institute has unmatched experience in the courtroom. Their credentials and tenure working on high profile cases makes this a team ably equipped to help get you results.

High Profile Jury Consulting Services

Jury Research Institute offers specialized services for high profile cases. Pre-trial jury questionnaires are crafted to identify potentially opinionated jury members and analyze perceptions gleaned from the media. Jury consultants also build specialized jury profiles to identify jurors’ attitudes. 

In situations where the media has flooded the community with information prior to trial, Jury Research Institute offers scientifically designed tools that will help you propose and perhaps win a change of venue. Through surveying the public and applying analytics to responses, Jury Research Institute consultants create a concrete change of venue study that is supported with scientific research and analysis. 

Let an expert jury consulting team develop a strategy for your high profile case. Call Jury Research Institute today, toll free at (800) 233-5879 or send an e-mail to

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Pre-trial Focus Groups Offer Powerful Insights into What Matters to a Prospective Jury

Comprehensive focus group research provides compelling insight into what matters most to jurors. Small groups of individuals from the trial jurisdiction will be invited to discuss your case themes. Of course, your trial consultants will screen them to ensure that they are not part of the trial jury venire. Every detail, no matter how big or small is examined and scrutinized.

Focus group participants provide candid feedback about the facts and your arguments.

Small Focus Group Dynamic Enables In-Depth Discussion

The experts at Jury Research Institute design your focus group to reflect the jury pool. We assemble a panel of 12 to 15 individuals from a variety of socio-economic and demographic backgrounds to discuss your case.

We encourage open and honest discussion amongst participants and ask open-ended questions which lead us to the heart of what matters most to jurors. This helps us delve deeper into how a panelist’s belief system can impact a potential verdict.

Focus Group Insights Allow You to Craft a Persuasive Argument Strategy

Ultimately, your goal is to create an argument that jurors can relate to and act favorably upon. One of the best ways to lern how a jury may rule is to test drive your arguments using a focus group.

We present a variety of arguments to the focus group panel, asking them to dissect each area and supply specific feedback. We aim to find out why they responded in the manner they did.

Each piece of information we receive from the focus group is analyzed so you can build an effective argument strategy. We recognize that each argument you make in court will have several persuasive components. Hence, we break down each area of the focus group participants’ responses so you can develop your case using the pieces that have the highest impact.

Why a Focus Group Conducted by Jury Research Institute?

Our focus groups provide a winning strategy for you because we customize each focus group to your individual needs. Whether you want to examine only a piece of your case or you need every aspect inspected, we tailor-make every focus group to meet your specific requirements.

Every jury consultant at Jury Research Institute holds a Ph.D. in psychology and has an extensive background in trial and case work. Each component of our pre-trial services is geared toward providing you with the winning edge, along with valuable insights into jury perceptions and beliefs.

For more information about our customized focus groups, contact Jury Research Institute today at 800-233-5879 or click here to access our e-mail list.

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Understanding Jurors Using Comprehensive Web Surveys and Focus Groups

Understanding how jurors make decisions requires due diligence and methodical research. In addition to weighing the facts, jurors’ decisions are likely to be influenced by their personal experiences, attitudes and beliefs. These can impact the overall result of your case.

Instead of taking chances and hoping to assemble a jury that will hear the facts in a favorable manner, the best -prepared attorneys turn to jury consultants to conduct pre-trial research before heading for the courthouse.

Part of the pre-trial due diligence process includes qualitative research in small focus groups or via online web surveys. As a leading trial consulting firm, Jury Research Institute can help with both.

Web Surveys Generate Quick and Accurate Information

A web survey is a quick and cost effective way to gauge prospective jurors’ beliefs and opinions. Random samplings of about 200 jury-eligible community residents are asked to respond to questions generated on a secure website. Participants review an online trial, enter a verdict and if applicable, award damages.

When conducted early in the litigation timeline, a web survey can caution counsel and risk managers with an early assessment of the potential risks of a case. Case strategy, including discovery and plans for filing motions, can be developed to counter the issues that jurors find most troubling.

Attorneys who use web surveys gain insight into how hundreds of people respond to a possible trial themes and the range of potential damages they would consider. Web surveys can give you good information early in the litigation timeline, saving time and money.

Focus Groups—Understanding What Matters Most to Jurors

Focus groups are an extremely effective way to understand how people’s beliefs impact evidence. Jury consultants assemble a small group of participants to evaluate the evidence, and offer feedback to counsel. In-depth analysis is carried out on how responses to information vary based on participants’ backgrounds material and personal beliefs.

Focus group work is typically conducted early in trial preparation and it isn’t uncommon to work with a variety of focus groups as preparation progresses.

Web Surveys and Focus Groups—A Vital Key to Trial Preparation

Pre-trial services such as web surveys and focus groups should not be limited only to big or high profile cases. These small, but extremely important tools should be utilized every time you go to trial.

Attorneys gain considerable information about how they can craft their trial arguments if they understand how prospective jurors are likely to think.

Don’t go to trial without doing pre-trial due diligence! Contact Jury Institute Research today at 800-233-5879 to arrange for a free initial consultation.

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Develop the Ideal Jury Selection Strategy with Jury Consulting Experts

In an ideal world you could select the perfect jury. Each member would truthfully answer your questions, have no predisposed notions or views and would listen carefully to decide your client’s fate based on the facts.

Unfortunately in the real world, jury selection doesn’t quite work that way. Although you artfully develop questions to gauge the prospective juror’s true attitudes and intentions, sometimes jurors who aren’t the best choice will still make it to the panel.

What can you do to help select the right individuals from the jury pool? Your first call should be to a jury consulting firm that specializes in jury selection. When you work with a jury consultant, you have a professional who understands how to develop questions and surveys to obtain insightful information from prospective jurors’ answers.

A jury consulting team also knows how to profile traits of predisposed jurors, using analytical research and scientific evaluation.

For optimal jury selection results, seek Jury Research Institute for assistance. For 30 years, the Jury Research Institute’s jury consulting team has been a leader in providing jury selection assistance on cases across the U.S. Comprised of a team of experts, each professional at Jury Research Institute holds a Ph.D. and extensive experience in the courtroom.

How Can Jury Consulting Services Help with Jury Selection?

Before you set foot in the courtroom, your jury consulting team is working diligently to gather data and information about the jury.

Beginning with prospective juror questionnaires, the Jury Research Institute team carefully crafts questions aimed at gathering information about how prospective jurors’ beliefs and attitudes will impact the case.

From responses to jury questionnaires, our jury consulting team creates jury profiles using sophisticated research and analytical processes providing a strong basis for jury selection.

Your jury consultant is by your side throughout the jury selection process, assisting you with making specific choices and determining which prospective juror will be an asset or a liability to your case.

Jury Consulting Strategies Garner Trials, Not Errors

Jury Research Institute’s tag line, “trials, not errors” has proven to be true time and time again. The firm’s group of psychologists and communication specialists make jury selection an eye opening experience, helping attorneys see potential and possibilities in prospective jurors they may have missed otherwise.

The firm’s proven jury consulting strategies offer insight into what matters most to jurors, setting attorneys on the right track for jury selection.

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Customized Jury Consulting Services–Developed for Your Specific Needs

Even the most experienced lawyers and highly acclaimed law firms will dream from time to time about that perfect trial and the best jury panel. Nothing wrong with that; but the fact is, it takes careful planning, intense research and the help of expert jury consulting services to develop a reliable, customized, unique action plan.

Cases are as individualized as the people involved—every case is associated with a unique set of circumstances, resources and challenges. A “one size fits all” approach just doesn’t work for jury consulting services.

A custom service package offered by a well established jury consultant includes individualized case analysis, customized witness and jury interviewing techniques along with access to specialized tools such as video and courtroom graphic development.

Leading jury consultants like Jury Research Institute offer a myriad of strategies, tools and approaches to case law. Our aim is to strengthen and solidify your courtroom strategy so that the dream of a perfect trial may even seem possible!

Why Custom Jury Consulting Services are Beneficial

Comprehensive, well researched and tested jury consulting services give you a distinct advantage. Here’s how:

  • Whether you are working on a settlement or taking your case to trial, each service can play a key role in shaping and molding your case.
  • Pre-trial services such as mock trials, focus groups, change of venue study, video surveys, web surveys, witness preparation and jury questionnaires allow you to build an analytical argument and approach to trial.
  • During trial, you can tap into services such as developing jury profiles, jury selection assistance, trial monitoring, and shadow jury creation.
  • Once trial is over, your jury consultants can also help you conduct post trial interviews to reveal any misconduct from the other side which may be the basis for appeal.

Jury Research Institute has several years of experience developing case and trial strategies for clients who work in every discipline of law.

Let our expert jury consultants develop an individualized strategy for you. Call Jury Research Institute today, toll free at (800) 233-5879 or send us an e-mail at

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How Can a Trial Consultant Prepare You to Win?

Whether it’s a high profile case or the odds are stacked against your client, being able to effectively select and read your jury may be the difference between winning or losing your case.

Your client’s fate lies in the hands of the individuals you and your opponent have appointed to the jury box.  They will hear evidence and arguments from both sides and, using jury instructions, deliberate and arrive at a verdict.

Even an air-tight case is vulnerable to being misinterpreted by jurors.  Unless you are a mind reader, it’s impossible to know what jurors are thinking unless you develop a strategic jury selection plan.  That’s why many attorneys don’t want to take chances and consult a trial consultant before a courtroom showdown.

Understanding the Psychology of the Jury

How can a trial consultant help you get into the minds of potential jurors to determine if they are the right fit for your case?  Trial consultants are highly skilled legal psychologists, trained to provide insightful trial and jury selection support.  Reputable trial consultants hold a Ph.D. in psychology, coupled with field and clinical law training.

An effective trial consultant provides discerning information about jury selection, case development and execution, trial arguments and witness preparation.  Winning cases is more than simply having the facts or the law on your side; it’s understanding how the marriage of a compelling argument, along with a skillfully selected jury can deliver the right verdict in your favor.

Trial Consultants Determine Jury Profile

Full trial services begin with jury selection.  A trial consultant meets with the legal team to review case facts and preliminary arguments to determine an optimum jury profile.  The consultant will apply the facts and desired jury profile to jury question creation. Jury questions should include both initial and standard jury questions but also follow up queries that will assist attorneys in selecting a desirable jury.

Once jury members are assembled, attorneys work with trial consultants to develop and execute winning arguments and examinations. Counsel and consultant partners will also examine how to anticipate case arguments from the other side.

Trial Consultants and Witness Preparation

Witness preparation is another vital part to winning a case.  Poorly or unprepared witnesses can destroy even the best case so being sure your witness is prepared for the unexpected is crucial.  The trial consultant can apply a variety of unforeseen situations and scenarios to witness preparation that will increase the witness’ courtroom adaptability.

Winning a case comes from a variety of elements working harmoniously to achieve a successful result.  A trial consultant allows counsel to peek into the jury’s mind and consider the unthinkable before entering the courtroom.  Understanding the psychology of trial can be the difference between winning or losing.