Trials. Not Errors.


How Can a Trial Consultant Prepare You to Win?

Whether it’s a high profile case or the odds are stacked against your client, being able to effectively select and read your jury may be the difference between winning or losing your case.

Your client’s fate lies in the hands of the individuals you and your opponent have appointed to the jury box.  They will hear evidence and arguments from both sides and, using jury instructions, deliberate and arrive at a verdict.

Even an air-tight case is vulnerable to being misinterpreted by jurors.  Unless you are a mind reader, it’s impossible to know what jurors are thinking unless you develop a strategic jury selection plan.  That’s why many attorneys don’t want to take chances and consult a trial consultant before a courtroom showdown.

Understanding the Psychology of the Jury

How can a trial consultant help you get into the minds of potential jurors to determine if they are the right fit for your case?  Trial consultants are highly skilled legal psychologists, trained to provide insightful trial and jury selection support.  Reputable trial consultants hold a Ph.D. in psychology, coupled with field and clinical law training.

An effective trial consultant provides discerning information about jury selection, case development and execution, trial arguments and witness preparation.  Winning cases is more than simply having the facts or the law on your side; it’s understanding how the marriage of a compelling argument, along with a skillfully selected jury can deliver the right verdict in your favor.

Trial Consultants Determine Jury Profile

Full trial services begin with jury selection.  A trial consultant meets with the legal team to review case facts and preliminary arguments to determine an optimum jury profile.  The consultant will apply the facts and desired jury profile to jury question creation. Jury questions should include both initial and standard jury questions but also follow up queries that will assist attorneys in selecting a desirable jury.

Once jury members are assembled, attorneys work with trial consultants to develop and execute winning arguments and examinations. Counsel and consultant partners will also examine how to anticipate case arguments from the other side.

Trial Consultants and Witness Preparation

Witness preparation is another vital part to winning a case.  Poorly or unprepared witnesses can destroy even the best case so being sure your witness is prepared for the unexpected is crucial.  The trial consultant can apply a variety of unforeseen situations and scenarios to witness preparation that will increase the witness’ courtroom adaptability.

Winning a case comes from a variety of elements working harmoniously to achieve a successful result.  A trial consultant allows counsel to peek into the jury’s mind and consider the unthinkable before entering the courtroom.  Understanding the psychology of trial can be the difference between winning or losing.