Trials. Not Errors.


Develop the Ideal Jury Selection Strategy with Jury Consulting Experts

In an ideal world you could select the perfect jury. Each member would truthfully answer your questions, have no predisposed notions or views and would listen carefully to decide your client’s fate based on the facts.

Unfortunately in the real world, jury selection doesn’t quite work that way. Although you artfully develop questions to gauge the prospective juror’s true attitudes and intentions, sometimes jurors who aren’t the best choice will still make it to the panel.

What can you do to help select the right individuals from the jury pool? Your first call should be to a jury consulting firm that specializes in jury selection. When you work with a jury consultant, you have a professional who understands how to develop questions and surveys to obtain insightful information from prospective jurors’ answers.

A jury consulting team also knows how to profile traits of predisposed jurors, using analytical research and scientific evaluation.

For optimal jury selection results, seek Jury Research Institute for assistance. For 30 years, the Jury Research Institute’s jury consulting team has been a leader in providing jury selection assistance on cases across the U.S. Comprised of a team of experts, each professional at Jury Research Institute holds a Ph.D. and extensive experience in the courtroom.

How Can Jury Consulting Services Help with Jury Selection?

Before you set foot in the courtroom, your jury consulting team is working diligently to gather data and information about the jury.

Beginning with prospective juror questionnaires, the Jury Research Institute team carefully crafts questions aimed at gathering information about how prospective jurors’ beliefs and attitudes will impact the case.

From responses to jury questionnaires, our jury consulting team creates jury profiles using sophisticated research and analytical processes providing a strong basis for jury selection.

Your jury consultant is by your side throughout the jury selection process, assisting you with making specific choices and determining which prospective juror will be an asset or a liability to your case.

Jury Consulting Strategies Garner Trials, Not Errors

Jury Research Institute’s tag line, “trials, not errors” has proven to be true time and time again. The firm’s group of psychologists and communication specialists make jury selection an eye opening experience, helping attorneys see potential and possibilities in prospective jurors they may have missed otherwise.

The firm’s proven jury consulting strategies offer insight into what matters most to jurors, setting attorneys on the right track for jury selection.

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Customized Jury Consulting Services–Developed for Your Specific Needs

Even the most experienced lawyers and highly acclaimed law firms will dream from time to time about that perfect trial and the best jury panel. Nothing wrong with that; but the fact is, it takes careful planning, intense research and the help of expert jury consulting services to develop a reliable, customized, unique action plan.

Cases are as individualized as the people involved—every case is associated with a unique set of circumstances, resources and challenges. A “one size fits all” approach just doesn’t work for jury consulting services.

A custom service package offered by a well established jury consultant includes individualized case analysis, customized witness and jury interviewing techniques along with access to specialized tools such as video and courtroom graphic development.

Leading jury consultants like Jury Research Institute offer a myriad of strategies, tools and approaches to case law. Our aim is to strengthen and solidify your courtroom strategy so that the dream of a perfect trial may even seem possible!

Why Custom Jury Consulting Services are Beneficial

Comprehensive, well researched and tested jury consulting services give you a distinct advantage. Here’s how:

  • Whether you are working on a settlement or taking your case to trial, each service can play a key role in shaping and molding your case.
  • Pre-trial services such as mock trials, focus groups, change of venue study, video surveys, web surveys, witness preparation and jury questionnaires allow you to build an analytical argument and approach to trial.
  • During trial, you can tap into services such as developing jury profiles, jury selection assistance, trial monitoring, and shadow jury creation.
  • Once trial is over, your jury consultants can also help you conduct post trial interviews to reveal any misconduct from the other side which may be the basis for appeal.

Jury Research Institute has several years of experience developing case and trial strategies for clients who work in every discipline of law.

Let our expert jury consultants develop an individualized strategy for you. Call Jury Research Institute today, toll free at (800) 233-5879 or send us an e-mail at

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