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High Profile Jury Consulting Specialists—Jury Research Institute

Whether it’s your first high profile trial or your 100th, you need a well crafted strategy to give you a distinct advantage in the courtroom. High profile jury cases require minute attention to detail. 

One of the best ways to devise a solid strategy is to contact a jury consulting specialist. A jury consultant can provide you with the scientific insight and research tools necessary to assist you.

Trust Only the Best Jury Consulting Team!

Every case is important, regardless of its profile and status. What sets a high profile case apart is that in addition to the courtroom you may have to tear through media and community perception. Media coverage, negative or positive, is powerful and is known to directly influence viewer’s or reader’s perceptions. Attorneys find it challenging to garner a non-partial jury, regardless of how prospective jurors respond to attorney’s questions. 

When it comes to finding the leading jury consulting team, especially for high profile cases, contact Jury Research Institute.

The jury consulting team at Jury Research Institute has unmatched experience in the courtroom. Their credentials and tenure working on high profile cases makes this a team ably equipped to help get you results.

High Profile Jury Consulting Services

Jury Research Institute offers specialized services for high profile cases. Pre-trial jury questionnaires are crafted to identify potentially opinionated jury members and analyze perceptions gleaned from the media. Jury consultants also build specialized jury profiles to identify jurors’ attitudes. 

In situations where the media has flooded the community with information prior to trial, Jury Research Institute offers scientifically designed tools that will help you propose and perhaps win a change of venue. Through surveying the public and applying analytics to responses, Jury Research Institute consultants create a concrete change of venue study that is supported with scientific research and analysis. 

Let an expert jury consulting team develop a strategy for your high profile case. Call Jury Research Institute today, toll free at (800) 233-5879 or send an e-mail to

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Pre-trial Focus Groups Offer Powerful Insights into What Matters to a Prospective Jury

Comprehensive focus group research provides compelling insight into what matters most to jurors. Small groups of individuals from the trial jurisdiction will be invited to discuss your case themes. Of course, your trial consultants will screen them to ensure that they are not part of the trial jury venire. Every detail, no matter how big or small is examined and scrutinized.

Focus group participants provide candid feedback about the facts and your arguments.

Small Focus Group Dynamic Enables In-Depth Discussion

The experts at Jury Research Institute design your focus group to reflect the jury pool. We assemble a panel of 12 to 15 individuals from a variety of socio-economic and demographic backgrounds to discuss your case.

We encourage open and honest discussion amongst participants and ask open-ended questions which lead us to the heart of what matters most to jurors. This helps us delve deeper into how a panelist’s belief system can impact a potential verdict.

Focus Group Insights Allow You to Craft a Persuasive Argument Strategy

Ultimately, your goal is to create an argument that jurors can relate to and act favorably upon. One of the best ways to lern how a jury may rule is to test drive your arguments using a focus group.

We present a variety of arguments to the focus group panel, asking them to dissect each area and supply specific feedback. We aim to find out why they responded in the manner they did.

Each piece of information we receive from the focus group is analyzed so you can build an effective argument strategy. We recognize that each argument you make in court will have several persuasive components. Hence, we break down each area of the focus group participants’ responses so you can develop your case using the pieces that have the highest impact.

Why a Focus Group Conducted by Jury Research Institute?

Our focus groups provide a winning strategy for you because we customize each focus group to your individual needs. Whether you want to examine only a piece of your case or you need every aspect inspected, we tailor-make every focus group to meet your specific requirements.

Every jury consultant at Jury Research Institute holds a Ph.D. in psychology and has an extensive background in trial and case work. Each component of our pre-trial services is geared toward providing you with the winning edge, along with valuable insights into jury perceptions and beliefs.

For more information about our customized focus groups, contact Jury Research Institute today at 800-233-5879 or click here to access our e-mail list.

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