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Jury Consultants are Human Behavior Experts Giving You the Winning Edge

Jury consultants offer a myriad of scientific tools and services geared toward examining how human behavior can impact a trial. A skilled jury consultant holds a Ph.D. in psychology, coupled with experience in trial law and courtroom human behavior.

Many jury consultants also have experience and education in statistics and research methodology which contribute to creating scientifically backed reports. Jury consultants examine every player in the case to determine how each individual reacts and expresses himself based on facts.

How Can A Top Jury Consultant Help You?

In the courtroom, communication is the key. As a leader in develop¬ment of courtroom communication and persuasion techniques, a jury consultant can give you powerful insights and a distinct advantage. Jury consultants examine every aspect of communication and human behavior to develop case themes and plan effective presentation strategies.

Leading jury consultants at Jury Research Institute offer effective research methodologies and consulting services to help attorneys develop an optimal jury and craft persuasive arguments.

When it comes to selecting the right jury consultant, examining credentials and experience should be a priority. A top jury consultant has experience working on a variety of cases and trials, along with the academic background and degrees.

The Jury Consultant’s Menu of Human Behavior Resources

Jury consultants use a variety of methods when it comes to examining human behavior and communication. Jury strategies such as focus groups and mock trials provide insight into what matters most to jurors. Essentially, counsel can “test drive” the case during a mock trial to decide which arguments or strategies work best. Focus groups can help guide discovery and risk assessment data as needed.

When it’s time to select the jury, jury consultants can help with jury profiles and selection assistance. Jury profiles offer a clear, concise summary of experiences, attitudes and demographic characteristics of prospective jurors best suited for your case. At trial, a strong jury consultant is with the attorney to provide selection assistance and guidance.

Jury Consultants—When it Matters Most!

Victories aren’t always based on simple facts. Jurors tap into their experiences, attitudes and personal insights to interpret case facts. Understanding how jurors’ backgrounds and values influence the facts is imperative to delivering the best case possible.

Before you go to trial, contact a leading jury consultant to get your case off on the right foot. Contact the jury consultants at Jury Research Institute for an initial consultation. Our skilled and licensed Ph.D. consultants work closely with you to shape your case based not only on fact, but the influence of human behavior.

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