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High Stakes Trials Demand the Leading Jury Consultants

When the stakes are high, you need every advantage to be help you win. The best way to give your case the leading edge is to work with a jury consultant. Jury consultants study each argument in your case to help you generate a positive outcome.

A qualified jury consultant has a background in psychology and defense law. Attorneys apply the knowledge and information gleaned from the jury consultant to sharpen their case, prepare witnesses and create opening and closing arguments.

When losing the case isn’t an option, contact a leading jury consultant, such as Jury Research Institute, for a comprehensive case study.

How Can A Jury Consultant Prepare You For A High Stakes Case?

Jury consultants apply social science research in high stakes and high profile cases. A useful tool that jury consultants use to predict a trial’s outcome is a mock trial.

Conducting a mock trial with a consultant is very helpful in understanding the dynamics of a high stakes trial. Attorneys can virtually “test drive” their case during mock trial. Lawyers can use the consultant’s perspective and experience to re-shape and build their case by examining both sides.

Consultants also work closely with witnesses to help them deliver the most effective and convincing testimony on the stand. Consulting companies such as Jury Research Institute hold special witness preparation seminars to assist witnesses with building upon their strengths and gain comfort with a courtroom setting.

Jury Consultants Work for You During Trial!

A jury consultant’s work isn’t finished once the jury has been selected. Jury consultants use shadow juries to determine how well the jury understands the trial. Shadow juries are trial observers who supply Counsel with feedback about how well the jury is likely to be following the trial as it is unfolding. Attorneys receive ongoing updates and insights from the shadow jury to mold and craft strategies.

A Jury Consultant Helps You Improve Your Game

Even an experienced, well seasoned attorney can hone their craft using observations and experience from a leading jury consultant. Jury Research Institute offers valuable seminars to assist attorneys with improving witness preparation, jury selection, voir dire, opening statements, closing arguments and overall case evaluation.

Attorneys who work in the world of high stakes cases can leverage the education and knowledge that only a leading jury consultant can offer to improve their practice.

If you are interested in a leading jury consultant to assist you with your high stakes trial, call Jury Research Institute today. Contact us toll free at (800) 233-5879 or send us an e-mail at

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