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Trial consulting services designed
to give you a distinct advantage.

Pre-Trial Services

Mock Trials
Practice trial in courtroom setting
Focus Groups
Qualitative research in small groups
Online Mock Trials
Online surveying for trial outcome
Witness Preparation
Help witnesses build on their strengths
Prospective Juror Questionnaires
Candid answers from potential jurors

Trial Services

Juror Profiles
Find traits of predisposed jurors
Jury Selection Assistance
When to use your peremptories
Shadow Jury
Trial observers provide daily feedback

Additional Services

Post-Trial Interviews
Uncover misconduct and plan new trials
Change of Venue Study
Assess bias in the community
Video Surveys
Survey methods for complex litigation
Trial Monitoring
Analyze jurors’ nonverbal responses
Value Added Technologies
– Perception Analyzer
– Webcast of Research Exercises
Continuing Legal Education
Complimentary Programs Offered by Jury Research Institute Professionals