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6 HR CLE "Selecting and Influencing Your Jury"
presented by Dr. Susan E. Jones. $239.

In this lively, entertaining program, you will:

shadow jury
  1. Discover how to use a two-track rating system to simplify jury selection.
  2. Watch deliberations of mock and actual juries and learn how juries really decide.
  3. See how to strategically use exhibits and demonstrative evidence to give you the edge with jurors.
  4. Learn how to get (and keep) jurors' attention.
  5. Find out how to teach jurors to persuade their colleagues to rule in your favor.

Available now for $239
(including shipping and taxes).
Orders shipped within 24 hours by USPS Priority Mail.
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or call 541-734-9268 to order by phone.

Excellent command of the subject matter. Best CLE yet!
Packed with terrific tips! I can use this information immediately.
Organized and presented clearly. Good flow.
Dr. Jones’ upbeat presentation kept me thinking with her.


  • Part One: Where Have all the Jurors Gone?
    • Is there a crisis of confidence?
    • Jurors — their own words
    Jury Deliberations
    • How jurors reach conclusions
    How Jurors Learn
    • Crafting a case that hits home
    • Choosing words that speak volumes

  • Part Two: Voir Dire — What You Really Need to Know to Make a Good Decision
    • What you must ask, what you should ask, and what you should never ask
    Jury Selection Simplified
    • Utilizing a two-track rating system that simplifies jury selection
    • Evaluating prospective jurors' influence quotients

  • Part Three: Jury Selection Simplified (cont'd)
    Opening Statements: "Attention!"
    • Techniques that make your case come alive
    • 50 ways to leave an impression

  • Part Four: Opening Statements: "Attention!" (cont'd)
    Witnesses: "Preparation Makes Perfect!"
    • Tools for witness preparation that work
    Closing Arguments: "It Ain't Summation,"
    • Making your last impression resonate in the deliberation room
    • Motivating jurors to find your client

If you have any questions, please call Dr. Jones at 541-734-9268 between 8 – 5pm Pacific Time, or email your questions to Dr. Jones at

The 6 hour program is conveniently provided on a USB ‘thumb’ drive. The program is in MPG3 format and a color copy of the course materials is included.The program can be played on any PC or MAC which accepts a USB input. To play the MPG3 file on your computer, you will need a media player such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, Realplayer or Quicktime. An additional copy of the course materials is provided in PDF.

CA MCLE Provider Number: 1058

This program has been approved for 6 hours of self-study CLE credits in California. Viewers may also obtain 6 hours of participatory CLE credit in California by completing the credit request form included with the materials.

This program has been presented and approved for CLE credit to over 5000 attorneys in the following states under the sponsorship of various local bar associations: Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah and Virginia. We are in the process of obtaining approval for CLE credits for this program directly from these states. Until we do so, we cannot offer CLE credit in these states. Credit may be available for self-study. Please contact your state bar association for more information about approval in your state.