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Perception Analyzer

Get instant feedback using hand-held dials

When the research exercise calls for it, JRI will put to use a valuable tool known as The Perception Analyzer. Perception Analyzers are wireless hand-held dials made by MS-Interactive. Mock jurors provide instant feedback as to whether they are responding favorably or unfavorably to your arguments or to a witness’ testimony. The moment-to-moment responses are processed by a central computer, and scrolling graphs are instantaneously displayed during the presentation for moderators and viewing clients.

Webcast of Research Exercises

Observe research exercises from any remote location

The breadth of the internet now provides us with the capability of delivering a focus group or mock trial exercise directly to your personal computer. JRI can securely webcast a research exercise, allowing you and your client to control the costs associated with travel to the research location. Permitted parties log on to a secure server and observe a project in “real time” or upon demand.